Sony Hardlocked

    When you want to enter a network unlock code on a Sony, you have 5 tries, before blocking the phone's counter!
It is said that the Sony is hardlocked.
If you bought your used smartphone, it is often the previous owner who made these mistakes seizure, and resells the phone, precisely for this reason.

No worries, we have the solution !


Counter check

 How to check the counter
from Sony ?

-> *#*#7378423#*#*
-> info service
-> sim lock

Find the value of X
[X] Network - - - - - -

If X is on Network (the network) and its value is 0, you can unlock the phone.

The number you are displaying corresponds to the number of attempts remaining.
When this value is 0, you can no longer enter the unlock code.
The counter is locked.

In summary :

If you get:
[X] Network 0 : counter locked
[X] Network 1 or more : Ok you can enter the unlock code

The counter hangs when it has recorded 5 errors in entering the unlock code.

What are the solutions ?

1) Have the counter reset by a technician in a specialized shop.

2 ) Use our specific software.

Using the software:

Unblocking usb for Sony phone with a counter at 0
All models are supported, regardless of the original network.

1- Order your software access codes
We deliver you an access code consisting of " USERNAME " and " PASSWORD " which will be used to connect the software to the unblocking server.

Unlocking phone Networks

Unblock a Sony Hardlocked

Software Sony Hardlock
logo tool Sony Hardlocked
5 to 6 Business H
Sony Hardlocked

2- Create a folder on your desktop :
3- Download the software by clicking on the following link :

3-1 Unzip the zip archive file you just downloaded
3-2 Click on qUnlockTool to install the Software
3-3 When the installation is complete, launch the software.

If your Antivirus software blocks the installation, disable it and simply restart the installation.

sony hardlock 1

The phone driver must be installed on your PC.
Connectez le cable USB du téléphone à votre PC (Windows uniquement)
If this is the first time, windows will automatically install the driver.

3-4 Enter the "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD" that we delivered to you.
3-5 Click on the "Check Credits" button
3-6 It will be displayed "1/0" (the number of credits you have)

sony hardlock 2

4- Proceed to the final unlock :

4-1 Click on the "Unlock" button
4-2 You must turn off the phone and press the bottom Volume key
4-3 Now reconnect your phone to the PC using the USB cable (This while holding down the bottom volume button)
4-4 Wait a few seconds, the software window will display " UNLOCK DONE " !

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