Unlock FRP protection on

Permanently remove FRP protection
on Samsung devices!

    Warning: This software is not intended to obtain the network unlock code from the current operator.
Its purpose is to properly remove FRP protection from Google account on your phone Samsung

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Direct manufacturer (All Networks)

Technical intervention procedure

handbook Réactivation lock
- To place your order you need:

1. Your IP address.
See: >> What's My IP
2. The serial number of your Samsung.
To get it, type from the screen *#06# and note the number under "SN".

Do not use a VPN during the entire procedure.

After placing your order:

1. Download and install the “USB REDIRECTOR” software using the download link we will send you.
2. Launch the USB REDIRECTOR software.
3. Enter the following IP address:
4. Now connect your Samsung in normal mode and make sure the USB REDIRECTOR software is in STEP 2.
5. Wait for the intervention of the technician responsible for unlocking your device as soon as possible.

La procédure officielle de déblocage est très simple et ne nécessite aucune compétence technique de votre part !

Samsung FRP delete Google account
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