Huawei FRP key

    Since Android 5, Google has integrated a protection that allows you to lock your phone, using your Google account.
You are therefore forced to use your Google account to use your phone..
If you want to bypass this obligation:

No worries, we have the solution !


Huawei FRP Key Software Tool (Google Account Deletion)

 How to delete the Google account
from Huawei ?


Using the software:

Warning: This service does not provide a network unlock code !
All models are supported, regardless of the original network.

1- Order your software access codes
We deliver an access code in the form of a key

Unlocking phone Networks

Huawei FRP Key

Software Huawei Frp Key
logo tool Huawei FRP Key (Google Account Reset)
3 to 7 Days
Huawei FRP Key (Google Account Reset)

2- Create a folder on your desktop :
3- Download the drivers by installing HiSuite :

4- Download the software by clicking on the following link :

(Works only on Windows)
There is no virus in the packages, but many antivirus programs can detect it as such.
4-1 Unzip the file ( ) and Open ( FastbootET01.exe )

Huawei Erase Tool

4-2 Connect your phone in FASTBOOT MODE
4-3 Copy the key received in the field "FRP PWD" and click on "FRP Unlock"

4-4 The result will display FRP Unlock Success

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