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  • Conditions applicable to 18 / 01 / 2010



     1/4 - Preamble :

    listBy using or accessing our website, you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of use.
    listAll material available on the site, or from the site, whether providing or downloading, is protected by copyright and trademark laws. You may not reprint any information without permission from us.
    listWe reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any aspect of our website of its content, its services, in case of necessity. (Ex: product removed from the catalog) Any order placed prior to a withdrawal from the catalog, is necessarily subject to a refund.
    list In order for us to be able to fulfill our obligations, you agree to ensure and verify that the information you provide is accurate and complete, and that all details of your order for delivery and its registration contain:

    list The IMEI number of your phone.
    list The original network.
    list The brand
    list The exact model
    list As well as reliable contact information, allowing us to reach you if needed.

    listWe take no responsibility for any damage that may occur on your mobile phone, as long as you support handling to enter a code from the phone keypad, and even less, when it comes to you. perform interventions on a mobile phone, using software connected to the phone.
    listBy using our site or our service, you accept our terms and conditions in their entirety.

    Product Catalog


     2/4 - Product Catalog: :

    Your choice must be made according to 3 criteria.
    listYour unlocking expertise
    listThe price
    listThe delay

    listUnlocking by computer : (Samsung, Motorola, Lg ...) For all. Solution a little more expensive, but the result is 100% reliable (except bad entry when ordering). Indeed, whether it is operator calculator or manufacturer calculator, the code is calculated thanks to the information that you communicate to us. If you enter an incorrect IMEI or a bad operator, you will still get a code, but that will not work and can not be refunded.
    This is by far the most reliable solution.
    From some information, brand, model, and especially the IMEI phone number, you receive a code, which you enter manually on the keyboard of your mobile. The necessary manipulations to enter the code manually are available in the FAQ section. You are informed by email, from the result of our research. We proceed to the refund of your order in case of unavailability of the code. You then have to replay your order, if you notice an error in the information you had recorded during the initial order.

    Useful definitions


     3/4 - Useful definitions and details :

    The site unlocking-phones.com offers the sale of services from the internet.

    DEFINITION "Unlock code"
    The Unlock code or Network Code or NCK Code, whether from a database or a calculator, is the code that allows you to unlock your mobile so that it can be used by all operators. And with any SIM card, whether French or foreign.

    WARNING : The unlock code or network code has nothing to do with the PUK code (SIM card lock code in the case of three incorrect PIN code entered) or with the SECURITY code which is the phone lock code and which protects against its use (in case of steal for example ) this code can be original or personalized by the owner of the mobile. In no case do we provide a security code or PUK code..

    International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)
    IMEI is a 15-digit number (sometimes more on some models, it does not matter, because only the first 15 digits count, without spaces or dashes).

    Most phones are blocked on the original operator. For example if you buy a used phone (Ebay or advertisement) that comes from an offer operator, it will accept only the SIM cards of the original operator. But if you are traveling abroad, you may need to take a prepaid card or a subscription from another operator. Unlocking your Mobile is necessary. Similarly if you want to sell it used in the best conditions. Unlocking allows your mobile to remove the restriction on an operator and accept all SIM cards.

    In no way do we make a refund if the customer has "made a mistake" by purchasing an operator code when he needs a PUK code or SECURITY code. Similarly, if he has given us false or incomplete information (imei, @mail address, brand, model or operator), if the phone is declared stolen, or even if he knowingly chooses a product at a lower price, for then inform us that he was "wrong". Indeed, the site is largely automated regarding the processing of orders that are immediately committed during their validation.
    We would like to remind you that this is a service that commits itself as soon as payment is made, and that therefore falls under the texts in this area.

    They only concern the codes which prove to be unavailable at the end of our research. You are informed by Email, you just have to connect from the site, on your space 'TRACKING ORDER' using the access codes you received, and to validate at the bottom of the page, your refund request , which intervenes between a few hours to 24 hours.



     4/4 - OUR OBLIGATIONS :

    It is expressly an obligation of means, as long as the telephone manipulations are carried out by the customer, according to the conditions set out above.

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     Secure payment :

    Secure payments are insured by :
    PayPal Solution Logos

    DO NOT PAY "To see"

    Payment by credit card, or by Paypal account: You normally place your order and enter the information about your payment, in secure space.
    The provider PayPal was chosen for this operation, in the context of its financial dimension, and its charters of respect of privacy.
    It guarantees you, as to ourselves, total payment security.

    PayPal_verifiedIn case of unavailability of the code, among the options that are proposed to you, you can simply choose the cancellation of your order. And in this case, of course, the registration of your payment is immediately canceled in total.
    Bank charges are at our expense.

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